Vanilla Extensions

Table of Contents
  1. Crafting Tables
  2. Chests
  3. Barrels
  4. Stones
    1. Variations
  5. Red Nether Bricks

Crumbs extends various vanilla blocks to have variations. These will copy their parents’ recipes and functionality, but of course with respective variation-based changes.

Crafting Tables

The vanilla crafting table is renamed to ‘Oak Crafting Table’ with Crumbs.


Crumbs’s ‘Oak Chest’ is a separate block from vanilla’s chest.


The vanilla barrel is renamed to ‘Spruce Barrel’ with Crumbs.


Cobbled, and polished chiseled, beveled, and cracked stones, in order.

Beveled and cracked polished blackstone, in order.

  • Cobbled walls
  • Cobbled stairs
  • Cobbled slabs

Red Nether Bricks

Chiseled, cracked, and fence red nether bricks.